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30 Days of Shakespeare, Day 20

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Day #20: Your favourite movie adaptation of a play

To be honest, I almost put the Loncraine Richard III under this heading because it really does feel like an adaptation of Richard III that just happens to contain the same dialogue (a bit like Chimes at Midnight). But I will try to follow my own self-proclaimed definition that 'adaptation' denotes a Shakespearean plot without Shakespearean language.

And, that being the case -- and, perhaps this is a bit embarrassing -- I have to go with Ten Things I Hate About You. And not just because of Heath Ledger, although he is by no means insignificant.

I've always had a love-hate relationship with rom-coms, particularly those of the teenage variety, and Ten Things I Hate About You came out right when I was finally beginning to reconcile myself to high school (namely, the very end of junior year, when I finally had friends and a social life, apparently a decent enough tradeoff for academic excellence). But this one works for me, not just because it's based on Shakespeare (after all, Shrew is one of my least favourite plays), but because some of the problems I have with the original text are in some ways mitigated in the film.

And, okay, fine, Heath Ledger actually has a lot to do with this.

The relationship between Kat and Patrick feels considerably less uneven to me than that of Kate and Petruchio -- and, obviously, most of that comes from the modern setting, but you could just as easily take Shrew and turn it into a Lifetime movie about domestic abuse, so, really, I like that they found a way around that problematic elephant in the room.

The sad part is that I actually haven't seen it in quite some time, and that one of the scenes I remember best is this one:


But as kerrypolka told me once on the subject of Margaret of Anjou, MY HEART CANNOT LIE.

I do also love the interplay between this universe's Bianca and Vincentio, perhaps on account of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's adorable Cameron. Honestly, this is just a fun film. I do love it. Perhaps I am a bit ashamed of it, but there you go.

Also, a really good soundtrack. Which is a huge plus for me, all told. There are terrible films out there whose soundtracks I own because they transcend the film's awfulness.

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Day #5: Your favorite villain - Richard of Gloucester
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Day #20: Your favourite movie adaptation of a play
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On 12th August 2010 03:09 (UTC), flourish commented:
No no, it's okay. It's my favorite too!

There's just something about it that makes me so happy. :)
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On 12th August 2010 03:24 (UTC), lareinenoire replied:
YES. It's not logical or remotely rational. I just love that film. ;)
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On 12th August 2010 15:07 (UTC), spectralbovine commented:
Ten Things I Hate About You is a great movie! Do not be ashamed! Loncraine's Richard III is also awesome, though.
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